My First Dribbble Meetup — Bangalore

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(Originally published on 24 Nov 2017)


As I sat delving deep into my research on the resilience of tomato plants in the face of the cucumber mosaic virus, a sudden distraction presented itself to me one evening. Surfing the vast expanse of the internet, I chanced upon something quite fascinating.

As part of the submission of my research thesis, I found myself in need of a few images to add that extra zing to my presentation. Thus, I took to Google, typing in the word ‘tomato’. The search produced a plethora of images, some of which were truly unique and creatively fashioned, catching my attention like never before. As I delved deeper into the realm of these illustrations, I found myself intrigued by the techniques and software utilised in the creation of such intricate designs.

1*aQhjlAeNV6FyB0hD7bP1dQ - Dhanush Shetty

Days went by, as I continued to explore this art form online. It was then that I stumbled upon the awe-inspiring works of Ranganath Krishnamani, his illustrative style, bold use of colours, and clever utilization of negative space, captivating my imagination.

It was during one of my online jaunts, that I came across a rather curious event – the “BLR Dribbble meetup 2k17”. Initially, gaining entry to the hallowed event seemed a daunting task. But as luck would have it, I did eventually find myself with an invitation in hand, a ticket to an experience of a lifetime.

0* FffqoL7KAKyepan - Dhanush Shetty

As the day of the meetup dawned, I made my way to the Zeta HQ, my heart beating with anticipation. However, my excitement was short-lived, for when I arrived, the folks at the registration desk could not seem to locate my name on the attendee list. For a moment, I thought my dreams of attending my very first Dribbble meetup would come crashing down. But then, as if by divine intervention, one of the kind-hearted Zeta team members present, put my fears to rest, granting me a spot through an on-the-spot registration.

The theme of the event was “Gaming”, with each participant receiving a passport upon registration. This passport was a key component of the event, and its utilisation was vital in ensuring that we enjoyed all the activities the day had in store for us. Each passport featured a designated team name, and it was up to us to find our teammates without any help from the Zeta team members. And let me tell you, dear reader, it was utter chaos. Passports were waved around frantically, people were shouting and running about, all searching for their designated teams. When I entered the office, environment inside was so much chaotic and equally energetic. I did see so many designers interacting with each other and there were Zeta team members in their Yellow T-shirts welcoming everyone.

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Meetup Passports from different Participants

After what seemed like an eternity, I finally made my way to my assigned team, aptly named “The Infected”. With around 8-9 members per team, the day’s activities kicked off with introductions all around. We were then provided with the necessary stationery, including drawing sheets, cardboard, pencils, sketches, erasers, and the like, and were tasked with creating a board game using the given materials. Each team received a task sheet that contained instructions on how to go about designing a game, a rulebook, and a team tattoo.

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0*C7u8a7zTIrOEN bq - Dhanush Shetty
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Some of the fun activities during meetup

The team was allocated a desk each, and each team consisted of roughly 8 to 9 individuals. We commenced our activity by introducing ourselves to one another. Following this, we were requested to collect stationary such as drawing sheets, cardboard, pencils, sketches, erasers, and other materials, and were then assigned the task of designing a board game utilising the stationery provided to us. Each team received a task sheet containing instructions on designing a game, drafting a rulebook, and designing a tattoo for the team.

Our creative juices flowed, and we eventually settled on the concept of a game in which a drunkard attempts to reach home while facing various obstacles along the way. This concept was suggested by our teammate Divya, who had a hangover from her visit to a pub the previous night. Meanwhile, the Zeta team members made rounds to each desk, presenting an impromptu task for individuals or the entire team to perform. Successfully executing each task earned a Zeta stamp on the passport, and at the conclusion of the day, the team or individual with the most stamps received special prizes.

By the time we had brainstormed our game design ideas, it was time for our meal. We decided to divide the team into two alphabetical groups to eat in batches, allowing the other half to work on the game board. However, we ended up dining together. Zeta crew member Ramakrishna approached us with a stamp, asking, “Who is your favourite actor and can you name 15 of their movies in a minute?” Krishna, one of our team members and a big Kamal Hassan fan, was able to recall 14 films and still received a stamp. Such generosity, Ramakrishna!

0*gMDJUkgmezRsJfr6 - Dhanush Shetty
0*64Nk1tUv3KlNYCJC - Dhanush Shetty

The Infected Beer Run (left) and Our Rule Book (right)

The game that our team devised went by the name of “The Infected Beer Run”. It was fittingly designed in the shape of a beer bottle. We decided to take a creative approach to the rule book, and created an infographic rule book, all thanks to the idea of Tarun. The game board was adorned with two separate dice- one green and the other red. Rolling the green dice meant moving one step forward, while rolling the red meant moving one step backward. To ensure the player moved forward, we incorporated even numbers on the green dice and odd numbers on the red.

As we were engrossed in finishing our board game, the Zeta team came up with some fun fitness activities such as squats and push-ups. A member from each team took part and competed to do the maximum number of squats and push-ups. After the fitness activity, all the participants gathered around the stage for the final presentation of the board game. Mayur from our team presented the game, and although we did not win the prize, we received a round of thunderous applause and very positive feedback from the audience.

0*DMNJqikTgaLKfYrI - Dhanush Shetty

As the presentation drew to a close, I seized the opportunity to engage with my fellow participants. As some teams were presenting, others were milling about, making acquaintances or indulging their appetites. It was during this interlude that I had the good fortune to converse with Aditya Dhotre, whose minimalist designs have long been a source of inspiration to me.

In due course, the prizes were distributed to both the teams and individual performers. In addition to the board game contest, prizes were awarded for other games and activities as well. The Zeta team was determined to ensure that we departed with not just cherished memories, but also tangible mementos of our experience, such as t-shirts, laptop stickers, flasks, and gift cards.

0*ZyaRwm6zqz Yg7C8 - Dhanush Shetty
Cool goodies that we got during the event!
0*b8FGGQy3O0WFUswJ - Dhanush Shetty

Thanks to Dribbble meet up organisers for organising such a fruitful event!

The exuberant ambiance of the event was a testament to the creativity and ingenuity of the designers from all corners of India. I must extend my heartfelt appreciation to the event sponsors, ZetaFlockDesignBoatIndiefolio and Iconscout  for their invaluable contribution towards making this event a resounding success. It was a true collaboration of like-minded individuals who shared a passion for design, and it was a privilege to be a part of such an inspiring gathering.

- Dhanush Shetty

“The Infected” team members.

Grateful acknowledgements to all the splendid individuals whose presence made the event a grand success. The conviviality and bonhomie displayed by the participants were truly remarkable. Heartfelt appreciation to each one of you for your unstinting support and valuable contributions in making this event a memorable experience.

Looking forward to seeing all of you again in future gatherings. Until then, let’s keep the camaraderie going strong!


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